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67: Tugboat by xhunterko
67: Tugboat
Alt text: "He got the madness?" "Oh no, dat smile thar is extreme wish fulfillment." "Oh."

I am NOT happy with this one. It feels botched. It was done in an hour but STILL. I've done better.
66: Key by xhunterko
66: Key
"Okay, I agree with your professor, A++!" "Why'd they even bother?" "Leave that to me to figure out, heh."
65: Foxglove by xhunterko
65: Foxglove
"There were no survivors." "Goooood. Gooood!"

Foxgloves are rumored fairy hiding places. A little known "fact" is snails eat fairies. Free lunch for Snail.
Illock: 21 by xhunterko
Illock: 21
When karma works in your favor for once.

Annnnnnd THAT should be all of Illock caught up. Sorry for leaving you out!
I post a lot of stuff over on twitpic. And some of that doesn't reach back over here. And I even bought a scanner to expressly get better quality scans of my stuff (that no one likes) to put on here. So one day I wanted to scan a sketch, the snow ball fight girl one, and then I had a thought. I thought: I already have this image captured digitally. Why do I need to capture it digitally again? So I just saved the image from my twitpic and uploaded it back here. I'll probably do that often, unless I really care about something. Plus, there's a lot of stuff on my scanner. Yay for laziness. So, that's where these new sketches are coming from and why they may look somewhat different. If you want to see my twitpic pictures, you may also follow me on twitter. I am xhunterko there as well.



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